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With blade coffee grinders in this kind of price range there are two key things that you need to check.

The first one is whether the motor is powerful enough to spin the blades quickly enough so that you can chop your beans down to the level of fineness that you want. Some don’t and just leave bits of bean in varying sizes. We only recommend grinders that are capable of a fine grind good enough for espresso.

The second thing to check is that your grinder will not overheat before you achieve the required level of grind because it will wear down the motor and reduce the life of the grinder. One of the reasons we recommend this grinder is that unlike other blade coffee grinders in this price range it has an automatic cut off when the grinder gets too hot to ensure you get the maximum life from the grinder.

If you are looking for a coffee grinder then you have made a wise choice in the pursuit of making a quality, flavoursome coffee beverage. If you freshly grind the beans yourself just before you brew the coffee then you will get a drink that is miles better than pre-ground coffee and a world away from instant coffee.

If you are already a seasoned coffee drinker looking to take your coffee creation skills to the next level then you should also take a look at our burr coffee grinder recommendations. Burr grinders are more expensive because they crush the beans for a move even grind.

If you want something less expensive and you just want to chop up your beans ready for whatever coffee machine you have then as long as you choose wisely a blade coffee grinder will do a decent job at a bargain price.

Overall Score 9.6/10

Design 9/10

This is a very simple tubular design with a transparent plastic lid and is finished in a smooth satin finish.

Some manufacturers give zero thought to how their grinders look and a lot of them are pretty ugly but this one would not look out of place living on the work surface but can also be easily stored in any cupboard due to its very compact size of 8cm across and 17cm tall.

Functionality 9/10

Other grinders in this price range can have a maximum capacity of 30g and this one holds up to 60g so straight out of the gate this appeals because 60g of ground coffee is good for about 7 cups allowing you to grind enough for the day in one go without having to repeat the grinding process again.

You will need to grind your coffee in a certain way according to the type of coffee machine that you have and a clear transparent lid helps to make it easy to see exactly where you are.

A full 60g of beans will take around 30 seconds to grind down to espresso size whilst a cafetiere needs larger coffee grinds so you only need to grind for around 10 seconds or somewhere in between the two for a filter coffee machine.

Some blade grinders operate on “press down on the lid” system to start grinding which is fine but your hand tends to cover the whole top of the grinder during the grinding process so we actually like the way this one works with a button on the front that you simply press and hold to start grinding.

In our opinion, there is less moving around and it makes it more convenient to see how the grind is progressing as you just need to release your finger from the button and take a look through the lid.

Some grinders can move around when in use due to vibrations but this one has good sturdy non-slip feet.

Also, the cheapest grinders are made with poor quality steel that will corrode over time but this is made with a type of stainless steel that will ensure anti-rust and durability over time.

One of the benefits of a blade grinder over a burr grinder is that it is a multipurpose device that enables you to grind down other food products including spices and nuts.

To clean you will need to bring it over it the sink and rinse carefully. The Shardor blade grinder is our top-rated product because it also comes with a removable basket so you can clean that part on its own without unplugging the whole thing and holding the entire appliance over the sink.

Ease of use 10/10

We found that you can easily grind a full load of beans down to a fine powder without risk of overheating and we particularly like the button activation on the side as opposed to pressing down on the lid so you see at all times what is going on inside

Very easy to use.

Value For Money 10/10

This grinder does what it is supposed to and doesn’t have any of the downsides that some other grinders in this price range exhibit such as overheating and poor chopping

Really good value for money at this price level.

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