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These are all excellent value for money coffee pod and capsule holders that will add to the convenience you already enjoy with your pod or capsule coffee machine.

We have deliberately steered away from the very cheapest holders because they tend to be a false economy and when corners get cut in the manufacturing process you get a flimsy product that doesn’t hold the pod’s very well, the finish on the metal will start to peel off over time and you want to avoid anything that does not have a felt covering on the circular rotating bases as it could scratch the surface you keep it on.

You also do not need to spend big money either to get a well-designed, well made, functional coffee pod holder that will last you for years.

Some of the higher-priced products are nothing more than an attempt to sell you something that has actually been manufactured for a very low price but has been marked up to a silly price and offers no value.

Some of the Nespresso branded pod holders are a good example of this. They look pretty good but they are not worth the money, you are just paying for the brand.

For these reasons, the best value for money coffee pod and capsule holder lie in the upper cheap to mid-price range. The price of most of our suggestions are the price of a couple of Pizza’s or less so you won’t be breaking the bank and you will get something that looks good and will last a long time.

Here are 7 of the best coffee pod and capsule holders we could find after reviewing hundreds. They combine quality, design and value for money to give you the overall best value at an affordable price.


Barista & Co Coffee Pod and Capsule Holder

Barista & Co Coffee Pod and Capsule Holder

We start with a holder that is going to work regardless of the type of pods or capsules that you use. It comes in a stunning cage design and is available in 3 colours, stainless steel, gold and copper.

It’s made by a company that specialises in coffee and coffee-related products so they understand what’s needed from a consumers perspective. They are not just a mass-market Chinese manufacturer that is churning out thousands of these on a production line as cheaply as possible yet they are still able to sell this for a remarkably good price.

If you have a Nespresso machine that takes the original pods you can expect this to hold up to 80 of them and around half that amount for all other capsule types. This is going to look great next to any coffee machine.

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Nespresso Tempered Glass Coffee Pod Drawer

Nespresso Tempered Glass Coffee Pod Drawer

This is a fantastic space saver because you will be able to place your Nespresso machine on top of the glass and therefore it’s going to take up hardly any more space than you are currently using.

There is an individual moulding for each pod so each one can sit in its own purpose-built place allowing 42 pods to be stored at any one time in their own moulds but it can hold up to 72 pods if you keep some in-between the rows.

This is a really classy storage holder that fits well with the quality image that comes with every Nespresso machine.

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Tassimo Coffee Pod Drawer

Tassimo Coffee Pod Drawer

Made specifically to accommodate up to 60 Tassimo capsules this clever mesh design ensures that you can see the capsules without even having to open the drawer so you can mix different flavours in the outer columns and still see what’s available just with a glance.

It has excellent non-slip feet to avoid any vibrations when coffee is being made because the machine is going to sit on top ensuring you won’t use much more space than you already have for your Tassimo coffee machine. A solidly made holder that will last.

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Nespresso Original Pod Revolving Storage Holder

Nespresso Original Pod Revolving Storage Holder

There is so much choice when it comes to holders for Nespresso pods that it is easy to get sucked into buying one of the cheapest ones. For only a few pounds more you will get a quality product that is stable on its base, well constructed and looks great.

This one is made by Peak Coffee who have been making coffee pod holders for years and have many thousands of happy customers. They know how to make a good pod holder. Great as a gift for anyone you know that has a Nespresso machine this will hold up to 60 original pods. This is for original pods only not Vertuo.

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Nespresso Pod Holder Super Space Saver

Nespresso Pod Holder Super Space Saver

This represents tremendous value for money with a total capacity of 140 pods on a very small footprint just 18cm in diameter. If you like to order your pods in bulk then this is worth serious consideration. Also made by Peak Coffee this holder is made to a high standard with a strong and sturdy base with the entire holder finished in a very eye pleasing shiny chrome.

100 capsules fit around 10 columns and you can store a further 40 in the Nespresso boxes in the middle of the holder. A nice wide base ensures stability so it won’t wobble or fall over if it takes a small knock.

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Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod Holder

 Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod Holder

This is a really neat holder specifically for Dolce Gusto capsules. What makes it different is the folded over edges on each column that look great from a design perspective but also have a very practical use as well because they stop the capsules falling through into the middle.

Be careful of cheaper holders that are fiddly to get the capsules in and then don’t keep them in place when you are taking other capsules out. This ticks all the boxes, it looks great and will last longer than you own the coffee machine for. Holds up to 36 capsules.

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Nespresso Vertuo Easy Access Capsule Holder

Nespresso Vertuo Easy Access Capsule Holder

Specially made for the larger Nespresso Vertuo capsules you can get to any capsule you want within just a few seconds. So whether you like to colour code everything neatly across each of the five different levels or you like to dot them all around randomly this is going to work perfectly for you.

With a solid base and an anti-scratch felt pad on the underside of the base this high design holder will look immaculate sat alongside your Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine. Holds up to 35 capsules.

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Pod or capsule holder?

Some people call them pods and some people call them capsules. It doesn’t really matter what you call them as long as you buy the right holder for the coffee machine that you have.

As a general rule, the size kind of determines what you call it. We would use the term pod to describe the small original Nespresso pods and the term capsule to describe the larger Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

Dolce Gusto and Tassimo have larger capsules similar in size to the larger Nespresso capsules and so these tend to be called capsules.

Whatever you call them, the most important thing is to buy the correct holder for the capsules or pods that you use.

What size holder do you need?

There are three main brands of pod coffee machines and the vast majority of people will own a coffee machine from one of these three.

Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo are the three manufacturers that control the coffee pod machine market so you probably have one of those and you just need to make sure that you buy a holder that is specific to the size of pods you are using.

Dolce Gusto capsules are all the same size and so are Tassimo capsules but they are different from each other so don’t buy a Tassimo holder if you have a Dolce Gusto machine.

Nespresso has two types of pods – Original and Vertuo. The original are much smaller than the Vertuo so be careful you don’t get the wrong one as the holders are very different depending on what you use.

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