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If you are struggling to find the right gift for someone the chances are they drink coffee every day so why not give them something that they will actually be able to use on a regular basis if not every day

These coffee gifts are a wonderful selection of inexpensive presents that will fit into all budgets but they will have a big impact and will attract a look of surprise from the recipient and you will probably get an “Ooooo, that’s a bit different”.

Some of them are a little bit quirky and some of them are rock solid winners that are guaranteed to please any coffee lover if you are not too sure exactly what their tastes are.

The best thing about a coffee gift is that it works for absolutely any time of the year.

Not sure what to get for Father’s Day or Christmas or Mother’s Day or birthdays or how about a new home moving in present that’s a bit different? Coffee works every time.

We have deliberately kept all of these suggestions as low cost, cheap gifts because not everyone wants to spend hundreds of pounds on a  present for someone.

If you are feeling indulgent then you can take a look at some of the best bean to cup coffee machines.

However, if you want a coffee gift for someone that won’t break the bank then one of these is sure to fit the bill.

Single estate speciality coffee pouches

Single estate speciality coffee pouches

This is the most wonderful way to sample quality coffee from a number of different countries in a unique and innovative way that doesn’t involve messing about with the coffee itself or even require you to have any kind of coffee maker.

You get 25 individual pouches of coffee from 5 different countries. Each pouch acts as its own individual coffee maker. Just open the pouch, add water, leave to brew for a few minutes and pour.

If you know someone that drinks a lot of instant coffee then this is a perfect way to introduce them to the difference between the nasty freeze-dried stuff that they drink on a daily basis and the high quality 100% Arabica coffee that is inside each pouch.

They can make a coffee in the same way as their regular coffee but with a huge difference in flavour. These will also work well for anyone that uses a pod coffee machine as these are just as convenient to make but opens up a whole new world of flavour. Also available in smaller sizes than this 25 pack.

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Coffee bean tasting bag x 10

Coffee bean tasting bag x 10

Where the above single estate coffee pouches above are for the novice and are super convenient this taster bag of coffee beans is more for the experienced coffee drinker.

It contains 10 different packs of coffee beans from a range of different countries with each pack containing 60g of coffee beans which will be good for around 3 double espressos or 6 singles in each pack but you don’t need an espresso machine to enjoy this coffee. They can be just as easily brewed in a cafetiere or filter coffee machine.

It’s specifically geared towards the gift market as each pack detailing where it comes from and what you can expect flavour wise.

You also get a booklet that talks you through each coffee in detail. All 10 packs are beautifully packed in a miniature coffee sack making this a fabulous choice for anyone that grinds their own coffee beans.

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Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress coffee maker

The Aeropress has been a revelation for coffee enthusiasts over the last 10 years. It’s the most convenient way to make a quality cup of coffee quickly, and it’s portable.

You just add the coffee and water, press down and a great cup of coffee is delivered within a couple of minutes. Great for anyone that is mostly making coffee for themselves on a regular basis and those wanting to escape the nastiness of the workplace coffee machine.

Millions of these have been sold since they came out. It is a bit like a cafetiere but it’s faster and you can bring it anywhere. It’s a low-cost way to get a great cup of coffee quickly.

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HadinEEon Electric Milk Frother


HadinEEon Electric Milk Frother

This milk frother is both functional and beautiful. It’s one of the most striking frothers out there with its modern looks that will also look great in a more classic setting as well.

But it doesn’t just look good, it also creates hot milk and super creamy, textured milk that will produce cappuccino or latte to rival anything you will get in Starbucks or Costa.

You get two whisks, one for hot milk perfect for drinks such as flat white and another whisk to produce all the coffee shop favourites.

It even froths cold milk as well for milkshakes and can make hot chocolate as well.

It spins around 360 degrees on its base so it is super easy to use whether you are right or left-handed and can be stored in any corner if space is tight.

This has already been tried and tested and recommended by thousands of happy customers.

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Topelek 1000ml stainless steel cafetiere

Topelek 1000ml stainless steel cafetiere

If you know someone that loves coffee but is still drinking instant coffee granules from a jar this is a great low-cost coffee gift to transition a coffee lover to great tasting coffee without breaking the bank with this cafetiere that brews anything form one cup to one litre of coffee.

Just add a few tablespoons of ground coffee and some hot water and in a few minutes you’ll have a great-tasting cup of coffee miles better than anything you can buy in a jar in the supermarket.

This is great value for money with a free scoop and a couple of spoons thrown in as well.

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Nespresso Essenza coffee machine

Nespresso Essenza coffee machine

This isn’t the cheapest coffee machine that you can get but its the cheapest one that Nespresso do and a little known secret is that this produces the same quality of coffee that Nespresso’s most expensive machines produce.

All Nespresso machines have a 15 bar pump and deliver coffee the same regardless of price. The only difference is that this one is not high design and it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that other machines have but the coffee it makes is as good as any other Nespresso machine in the range.

Just pop in a pod and in 60 seconds you’ll have coffee far better than anything you will get in a jar of instant.

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Monin coffee syrup gift set

Monin coffee syrup gift set

Monin is the worldwide leader in speciality syrups. The next time you are in a coffee shop and order a caramel latte or a vanilla cappuccino take a look at the syrup they are using and it will most likely be Monin.

If you know someone that is partial to adding some flavouring to their coffee then this 5 pack taster set is the perfect stocking filler or add on gift to accompany any other coffee gift or is great on its own for the likes of Fathers Day or Mothers Day and allows you to find your favourite flavour from 5 of the most popular available without splashing out on a big bottle only to find that its not quite as nice as you thought it might be.

You also get a couple of coffee stencils so you can add a professional finish to your favourite drink.

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Coffee bean roaster

Coffee bean roaster

For something a little bit different that is guaranteed to take the lucky recipient a little by surprise is this coffee bean roaster which is great for anyone that considers themselves a bit of a coffee connoisseur but hasn’t yet progressed to roasting their own coffee beans.

It’s not a gimmick either, this has been specifically made to effectively roast small batches of raw coffee beans to create roasted coffee beans as fresh as you can get. Coffee tastes much better freshly roasted and you can’t get it any fresher than doing it yourself.

The whole process only takes about 10-15 minutes and the raw, green coffee beans are widely available online. You can be pretty sure that they won’t have seen this one coming.

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Patron Tequilla coffee liqueur 

Patron Tequilla coffee liqueur 

Coffee based liqueurs are part of most peoples drinks cupboard or cabinet but this is something distinctive that sets itself apart from the brand names readily available in the supermarket like Baileys or Kahlua.

Whereas they are Whiskey and Rum based this is a Tequilla based drink. Made very specifically from the blue agave plant in a small family distillery in Mexico this is not something that you will find in the big supermarkets and will create an element of originality to the gift.

It’s a little more expensive than your standard supermarket liqueurs but it certainly won’t break the bank and is worth it to see the quizzical look of surprise on the face of the person that will benefit.

Here is some more detail on how this wonderful drink is created and some great ideas for things you can do with it like cocktails and desserts.


Thermos stainless steel king flask

Thermos stainless steel king flask

Thermos has named this the King flask and for good reason. It is most definitely the king of all flasks. Everyone will have heard of “Thermos” flasks but most flasks are not actual Thermos flasks they are just flasks that have been given the name of the inventors of this type of insulated flask.

Thermos has integrated their 115 years of knowledge into the technology that goes into this flask and the result is a product that simply cannot be bettered by anyone in the world at this price level.

It’s very simple to use, with a screw top that converts into a cup when removed but there a simply two things about this flask that sets it above all others.

It will keep your drinks (either hot or cold) at the same temperature that you put them in at for 24 hours which is hugely impressive just on its own but when you add to that the fact that Thermos guarantee that it will continue to do that for 50 years it really does make this a fantastic value for money product that will last a lifetime.

It also comes in multiple different colour variations making this a fantastic gift for anyone that wants to take the coffee (or any drink) they have made at home with them in the assurance that they can drink it all day long without any fear of it changing temperature.

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Espresso shot glass

Espresso shot glass

If you don’t want to spend much but you want to give them something that will be used on a daily basis then this is a great gift for a coffee lover that will enable them to develop their coffee making skills.

Specifically made for coffee, this has lines showing the ideal level of coffee for both a single and double espresso. 30ml is ideal for a single and 60ml for a double. Sticking as close as you can have a significant impact on the overall flavour.

It can also double up as an ordinary shot glass and is a perfect accompaniment to the coffee liqueur above!

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Aromistico premium coffee gift set

Aromistico premium coffee gift set

Roasted in Italy by a small family business that has a true passion for producing quality niche coffee you won’t find this anywhere on the high street. You get 4 bags of each with 200g of coffee beans.

There are 4 blends from various different countries across the globe for 4 different experiences and you can really taste the love that goes into the creation of these coffee beans.

They come in individual resealable bags that are then presented in a lovely gift box making this a fabulous gift for a coffee lover to experience something different.

Full review of the Aromistico premium coffee gift set.


Grow your own coffee plant

Grow your own coffee plant

Last but certainly not least is the coffee plant. It is a little bit of fun because it will need a lot of nurturing and some work to get it to yield some actual coffee beans but it is genuine and it can grow coffee beans.

Plants take around 3-5 years before you can expect them to flower and yield some beans but in the meantime, this doubles up as a really nice house plant that will brighten up any room

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Milk Frothing Thermometer

Milk Frothing Thermometer

This is a super low-cost way to make a really big difference in producing a quality cappuccino or latte.

When you are heating and frothing milk it’s really hard to get the right temperature if you try and judge it by hand. The perfect temperature for milk for a cappuccino or latte is 65 degrees and most jugs become too hot to touch at about 55 degrees do more often than not you will find yourself with a lukewarm drink that makes it far less enjoyable than if you heated the milk to the correct temperature.

This thermometer comes with a clip so that it doesn’t move around when inserted into the milk jug and a handy red marking on the temperature gauge to show you when you have reached the perfect temperature.

For a few pounds this is about as good as it gets in terms of value for money for the benefit it delivers

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World Atlas of coffee

World Atlas of coffee

This is far more than just a geographical explanation of coffee across the world. Yes, it explains all the most important coffee-producing nations around the world and what you can expect from the different types of coffee they harvest.

Better than that, you can also learn how to make coffee taste much better by following a few simple steps. The book is written for the layman with the intention of educating in a fun and easy to understand way.

The author, James Hoffman, is a World Barista champion so he really knows his stuff and is able to communicate his knowledge without getting technical.

Full review of the World Atlas of coffee


Accuweight Digital Scales

Accuweight Digital Scales

These multipurpose scales have not been designed or made specifically for weighting coffee but they will do a great job at it.

Coffee needs to be mixed in the correct ratio with water to get the best flavour out of it and so if you know someone who has a cafetiere or a filter coffee machine or any other type of coffee maker and they tend to use a bit of guesswork and go with a number of heaped tablespoons then these are going to go down a treat.

They are ultra-compact and will literally fit into your pocket and can sit on top of or next to any coffee machine without taking up any space. Accurate to 0.1g with an easy to read digital display, these are a great little low-cost gift for any coffee lover looking to make their coffee taste better

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What is the best gift for coffee lovers?

The best gift for a coffee lover is something that they will enjoy. It’s not something that has to be expensive, it just needs to be something that will bring a smile to their face.

When you see them a few weeks or a few months later they will remember the gift and remind you of how great it tasted or how they still use it every day.

Most presents or gifts get forgotten within a few days but most people are around coffee all of the time so if you choose wisely then you will be very surprised at how effective a cheap coffee gift can be.

What do you buy a coffee connoisseur?

There are lots of cheesy coffee gifts to choose from like socks and mugs and t-shirts but these are not the type of gift we would recommend for anyone that loves their coffee.

We have researched and reviewed hundreds of different coffee gifts and have picked out the ones we think are practical and will actually be used and not put into a cupboard to gather dust.

The best of the bunch are listed above but you can also see all the best coffee gifts and accessories

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